Effective Corporate Communication

Effective Corporate Communication with Neurolinguistic Programming

Effective corporate communication is key for a successful business. When companies communicate effectively, it often results in increased productivity, happier employees and a higher level of staff retention. In this article, we will explain how better communication at your workplace can be achieved with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) techniques and human behavior understanding.

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The Neural Magic of Hypnotic Suggestion

The Neural Magic of Hypnotic Suggestion

A new review of the scientific literature studying hypnosis, in the journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience, by Oakley and Halligan, discusses the potential for hypnosis to provide insights into brain mechanisms involved in attention, motor control, pain perception, beliefs and volition and also to produce informative analogues of clinical conditions. The Neural Magic of Hypnotic Suggestion

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Avoid These 5 Hypnosis Training Pitfalls

Avoid These 5 Hypnosis Training Pitfalls

Some people aren’t interested in learning something new. They simply want the validating feeling of confirming what they already believe. So they look for others who agree, and dig their heels in and defend their beliefs. You need to Avoid These 5 Hypnosis Training Pitfalls

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