Finding the Balance with Your Finances

When it comes to managing finances, it can be easy to get into a routine of being too free or too secure. Being extreme on either side of the spectrum with your finances can have detrimental effects on personal relationships and overall financial stability.

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Hypnosis for Academic Improvement

Hypnosis for Academic Improvement

Find a trained hypnosis professional. Hypnosis is a powerful technique, so it is important to find someone who is properly trained and experienced. Ask for referrals from friends or family, or search online for certified hypnotherapists in your area.

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Overcoming Your Fears with Hypnosis

Us as humans have fears of course but some fears are not real, they are created in the mind. Like fear of flying, or sharks when you live in Canada, or fear of the unknown. This is normally caused by lack of control. What if you could learn how to let go through hypnosis?

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Become An AWESOME, Stress-Free Parent By Following These 12 Steps

My parents never knew I had homework, and they certainly didn’t help me with it. These days, it seems that kids expect parents to entertain them, organize their play dates and take them to after school activities several nights a week (per kid!). It’s considered child neglect if kids play at the park without supervision. Instead, kids are making permanent dents in the couch while playing with the video game babysitter — no wonder obesity rates are soaring!

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“Stressed out all the time?”

Kim was so tired of her clothes not fitting. She felt uncomfortable bending over.  She was avoiding social events because she was embarrassed about her weight.  Her energy level was low. She lost the drive to do the things she really wanted to do.  Her self-confidence was down.

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“I Don’t Believe in Hypnosis”

The other day a heavy smoker came into my office, could barely walk down the street with all the huffing and puffing. He said he wanted to stop smoking. On the verge of retirement, he realized he’d better stop if he wanted to have any chance of enjoying his golden years. Had tried everything else. The patch, the gum, the drugs. Nothing worked. He was desperate.

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