Mind-Training For Sports & Academic Performance

We use hypnosis to help children and adults in the Halton, Hamilton and surrounding areas have the confidence and mind training to boost their performance – whether it’s for sports or academics. Our custom programs help you enhance your ability to reach your goals and realize your potential. Our hypnosis programs include help with:

  • Boosting Confidence
  • Getting Into “The Zone” For Peak Performance
  • Developing The Attitudes That Build Confidence & Success
  • Building Resourcefulness & Resilience
  • Handling Adversity With Confidence
  • Learning To Use Your Natural Talents To Your Advantage
  • Hypnotic Study Skills
  • Hypnotic Test Taking Skills

Changed Thinking Dramatically*

After our last session I went to the Ontario Horse Trials Championships. I now have my three qualifying scores to do a 1*, which is the beginning of the internationally recognized levels. I have changed my thinking dramatically. Instead of thinking I’m just a crappy rider I’m able to pinpoint the issues and work on them systematically which is much more rewarding! Thank you very much for your help with this, I really feel like I’ve turned a corner*
Annie M.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Nursing Student Exam Results Improve By 45% With Hypnosis

Hypnotic Confidence Boost = Exam Success*

When I first came here, I was stressed and frustrated with myself and my inability to pass a French language test needed to retain my job. I had lost all confidence in myself. Having tried all the usual strategies that worked for me in the past with no success, I decided to try hypnosis. The results have been amazing. I have successfully passed a simulated test and know absolutely that I will be successful when I take the real test. Thank you.*
Sandy S.


You can do your screening and sessions online from home, or in person at our location.

Please request what works best for you.

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