“This is the most fattening thing in the world”

“This is the most fattening thing in the world”

Discover the real reason you keep sabotaging your weight loss.

Self-pity. Resentment. Martyrdom. Overwhelm. Boredom. Stress. Judgement. Needing to rebel. Heartbreak. Loneliness. Fear. Complacency. This is the ultimate fattening smorgasbord.

There are many versions of this toxic cocktail. Here are a few you may be able to relate to:

The Perfectionist

I can’t tell you how many clients have said they wished they looked as slim as they did in old pictures, and they can’t believe they thought they were fat back then. If their body isn’t perfect enough, they feel like they don’t deserve to enjoy life or feel sexy. Then they escape by hiding their face in a bag of Doritos.

Some people are so driven to be perfect or do a perfect job at work or otherwise, that nothing is good enough. This is a treadmill with no off switch. There is never a “there”.

These people often follow extreme diets to a tee until the forces of nature send them in the direction of the chicken wings. Guilt, shame and feelings of inadequacy spur them along to go way above and beyond, and hate themselves when they fail to do so (which in their minds is pretty much all the time).

The Martyr

There are people who need to always be rescuing other people – family members, kids, friends, people at work, stray cats. It’s their source of self-worth, and a great escape from having to face themselves. It tends to feel easier and more noble to help others. Taking care of themselves seems like a selfish act. So they burn themselves out and bask in the martyrdom. By the end of the day, they are so exhausted, their only relief is found in a box of chocolates.

The martyrdom is a desperate attempt to fill a void in themselves. To prove they are worthy. To avoid facing themselves because paying attention to themselves is incredibly uncomfortable. The busy-ness of striving for perfection or to please provides the distraction and the illusion of filling the void.

The Control Freak

Many people try to exert control by blaming others for their problems. Others torture themselves by buying into the illusion that by thinking, debating and worrying, they can be in control. This can look smart or justified. But the result of blaming or rationalizing is that they are more out of control than ever.

The belief that life SHOULD be a certain way, or feeling entitled to more control in our lives than we actually have, is the root of many a late night snack evil.

The Distracter

Companionship, love, romance, sexuality, adventure, sleep. Many people are numbed out to their needs in these areas. Often they end up trying to fill the void with food.

The choice is to keep poisoning themselves slowly, one chocolate bar at a time, or finally switch gears, and get their real needs met.

Decision Time

If you can relate to any or many of these archetypes, it’s time to stand back and make some real choices. You can continue to be a victim of your old coping patterns, or you can finally take the steering wheel of your life. Weight loss hypnosis can help.

Do yourself a favour and break this cycle once and for all. It’s your life. Decide how you want to live it.

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